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Download Film Super Hap 720p Mkv [HOT]

Download Film Super Hap 720p Mkv [HOT]

Download Film Super Hap 720p Mkv [HOT]


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Download Film Super Hap 720p Mkv

Download Film Super Hap 720p Mkv
Download Film Super Hap 720p Mkv
Download Film Super Hap 720p Mkv
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How to use the Flash Replacement 'A' Button of Remote Control with Radio Trigger?

I know that the flash replacement 'A' button is used to fire the flash for full-duration flash photos and not the full duration remote control flash.
But I do not know how to use the replacement 'A' button in Flash when using the Radio Trigger. I am talking about how to use the radio trigger for a normal full duration remote control flash instead of the full duration 'B' for audio flash.
Does anyone here know how to use the flash replacement 'A' button in Flash when using the Radio Trigger?
Thank you.


From the documentation:

When an external flash is used, the flash must be reprogrammed to
fire at full power. This is accomplished with the A button of the
remote when the Flash Replacement button on the camera body is set to
A. The A button fires the flash at full power.

You can't set the button to "B" (radio trigger) because it takes time to pull the trigger. You have to wait for the flash to fire before the next flash can be set up.
You could use "B" for the first flash and "A" for the second to make sure you don't waste time resetting and repeating. If the battery dies while you do this, you won't be able to change the radio trigger to "A".
If you're only using one flash, just set up a double system, flash 1 on "B", flash 2 on "A".

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